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Presented by   Venky Goteti & Gokul NK


Venkatesh Goteti

  • Co-Founder Azri Solutions
  • Co-Founder Devthon
  • Member of Screening Committee - Vodafone Mobile for Good Awards 2015
  • Hacking for Governance Workshop Co-Anchor - Unbox Festival 2012
  • Session Facilitator - Kyoorius DesignYatra 2012

Gokul N K

  • Graduated from Rashtreeya Vidyalaya (RVCE)
  • From Bangalore
  • Drupal Architect at Azri Solutions
  • Formerly a Java Developer @ Mindtree
  • Drupal since 2011
  • Lead Maintainer for Automatr Module
  • Cofounder of Aziteez
  • Bowling Addict


  • Background
  • Problem Statement
  • Goal
  • Highlights
  • Technology and Solution Stack
  • Solution
  • Team
  • Challenges and Learnings




Is a joint effort by the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to facilitate knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning on various policies specific to developed and developing countries by providing open data access through a rich knowledge discovery layer on top of a data warehouse of all OECD and World Bank data, aimed at transform available data into strategic intelligence.




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Problem Statement

  • Large number of documents related to Innovation policy in developing and developed countries.
  • Difficult to search or filter.
  • Integration between various portals and various stakeholders


  • IPP Portal will facilitate collective learning of both conceptual and how-to aspects of innovation policy, tailored to the needs of developing and developed countries.
  • The IPP will be an open-data, interactive portal facilitating knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning North-South and South-South.
  • It will mobilize global resources, knowledge and expertise to help policy practitioners across the world learn about innovation policy design, implementation, and measurement and evaluation (M&E).
  • It will identify good-practice solutions that are most appropriate for a specific user context.

Technology and Solution Stack

  • Drupal 7
  • Easy RDF
  • Rapheal and JS Mind-map
  • Apache Solr
  • Webforms
  • Bookmarks

Let us Breakdown the Problems

Unable to locate exact policies that are relevant


Improve Navigation


  • Browse By Topic
  • Browse By County
  • Hierarchical Navigation
  • Visual Navigation

Browse By Topic

Browse By Country

Hierarchical Navigation

Graphical Navigation

Too Many Policies,
Huge Documents
difficult to get the context right


Improve Search


  • Comprehensive Advanced Search
  • Document Search
  • Extract the fragments
  • Think like an Explorer!!
  • Search and Bookmark

Comprehensive Advanced Search

Document Search

  • Apache Solr
  • Tika Integration

Extract the Fragments

Think like an Explorer!!

Search And BookMark

  • Repetitive use of Search Queries
  • Bookmark a Search Query
  • Bookmark a Search Result

Bookmark Manager

Integration between various portals
Integration between various stakeholders


Common Format, Future Ready


  • Use of RDF for Site Building
  • Use of RDF for Site Settings
  • Use of RDF for Content
  • Exportable using RDF

Use of RDF for Site Building

RDF in general, Turtle in specific

  • Turtle : Terse RDF Triple Language
  • Triples : Subject, A predicate, and an object
  • Each of these items is expressed as a Web URI.

RDF Import Logs

Sample RDF Files

The Team

Thank You!

Venkatesh Goteti / Gokul NK