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Gokul N K

  • Graduated from Rashtreeya Vidyalaya (RVCE)
  • From Bangalore
  • Drupal Architect at Azri Solutions
  • Formerly a Java Developer @ Mindtree
  • Drupal since 2011
  • Lead Maintainer for Automatr Module
  • Cofounder of Aziteez
  • Bowling Addict

Presentation Credits : Chakrapani


  • Language first installer
  • Core multilingual modules
  • Optional and translatable English
  • Language detection options
  • Language visibility and filtering
  • Transliteration
  • Improved translation UI
  • Content and Configuration translations

Language first installer

  • Browser based language detection
  • Automated translation downloader
  • Remove english if chosen language is foreign
  • Complete rtl support

Language first installer

Translation downloader

Remove english

Complete rtl support

More core modules

  • 4 core modules ~ 20+ D7 modules
Image source: http://hojtsy.hu/multilingual-drupal8

Simple language setup and optional english

  • Simple language overview screen
  • Add/Remove languages including english
  • No more disabled languages

Higly flexible detection options

Language detection options for content

Limitless language assignment

Extensible special languages

  • Not everything can have a language
  • Language neutral in D7 was a special language
  • In D8, we have two special languages 'Not Applicable' and 'Not specified
  • Modules can add languages like these

you can create views in any language

Content entities with bundles are more flexible

  • In D7, we have content type settings for language feature
  • D8 explands it to all entity types and bundles
  • D8 entities include Comments, users, taxonomy terms, nodes, menus and custom blocks
  • Central configuration screen for all these entity types

Easier rtl styling

  • Language setings include rtl or ltr orientation per language
  • Clean support for rtl from picking the install profile
  • In D7, for any css file, the rtl counterpart was file-rtl.css
  • Now rtl is all integrated in actual css
  • you should use attribute selectors like [dir="rtl"]

Language visibility and filtering

Block visibility
  • Extended visibility setting for language
  • eg: seperate menus for differenct languages displayed through blocks
  • Drupal allows you to configure a separate language negotiation method for content

Language visibility and filtering

Views language filtering

Transliteration in core

  • Drupal now comes with powerfull transliteration system
  • Used for machine name generation

Transliteration in core

Deployment friendly automated downloads

  • Automated translation downloads
  • Automated updates from the community
  • Update frequency, source and overrides are configurable

Staging and deployment friendly

  • All the retrieved files are stored in once central directory
  • Dev environment can enable translation updates
  • Live environment to have it disabled
  • Import in live can be done from a preconfigured directory
  • This dir can be put under version control

Context specific translation APIs

No more get_t() and st()

  • In D7, t() can be used only after db was setup
  • st() should be used during installation
  • Otherwise, use get_t() to get the right callback
  • In drupal8, this is handled within t()
Context in Drupal.t() and Drupal.formatPlural()

  • In D7, t() and format_plural could take context
  • Which helps the translators to translate ambiguous text
  • This is now extented to their JS counterparts

    						  Drupal.t('May', {}, {context: "Long month name"});
Translation in Twig templates

  • This is not a phptemplate so we can't use t() directly
  • This is possible with 't' or 'trans'
  • {% trans %} block is also supported

    	{{ 'Hello Delhi.'|trans }}
    	{{ 'Hello Delhi.'|t }}
    	{% set count = 1 %}
    	{% trans %}
    	  One Commit.
    	{% plural count %}
    	  {{ count }} Commits.
    	{% endtrans %}

String customizations tracked

String customizations tracked

Translatable English

Translatable English

Improved translation UI

Improved translation UI

Content and configuration translations

  • D7 provides translation capabilities for nodes but no other content or configuration
  • Want to translate Blocks, Terms or menus ? No
  • Complicated solutions by contributed modules
  • i18n_menu, i18n_block, i18n_variable, i18nviews, webform_localization

Drupal 8 has general base solution in core

  • Mostly we work with either Configuration or a Content (entities)
  • Content entities almost all have fields
  • Fields come with native support for multilingual storage, editing and rendering
  • Every piece of content is now translatable
  • No need for specialized systems and glue modules!

Configuration Translations

  • Config system has full support for language overrides
  • All values stored in configuration may have a language variance
  • Contexual access system lets you load values with specific language overrides
  • These overrides are fully deployment friendly
  • Default(shipped) configuration is translatable
  • Eg: shipped Views, content types, fields, etc
  • Config translation provides the UI

Config VS Content

Image source: http://hojtsy.hu/multilingual-drupal8

Configuration translations - How

  • how do we know the language of your config
  • Drupal 8 configuration system uses YAML files to store settings
  • system.site.yml
    	uuid: ''
    	name: Drupal
    	mail: ''
    	slogan: ''
    	  403: ''
    	  404: ''
    	  front: user
    	admin_compact_mode: false
    	weight_select_max: 100
    	langcode: en
  • Copied and modified. Source is not modified
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